ClearChoice CLCH108-COMBO | Our#: 187716

ClearChoice Replacement for LG LT800P Water Filter & LT120F Air Filter

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ClearChoice CLCH108-COMBO | Our#: 187716

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  • Certified to the NSF/ANSI 42 Standard for the reduction of chlorine taste and odor.

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Product Details

ClearChoice Replacement for LG LT800P Water Filter & LT120F Air Filter.  Includes 1 Water Filter and 1 Air Filter for your LG Fridge.

The ClearChoice CLCH108 filter is used in select French Door refrigerators by LG and Kenmore. It is designed to replace the factory part # LT800P, ADQ73613401 and others. The CLCH108 filter uses advanced carbon block technology to reduce chlorine taste and odor.  The replacement for the LT120F/ ADQ73214404 removes odors from the refrigerator
  • Helps reduce chlorine taste and odor
  • Compatible with LG LT800P, ADQ73613401 fridge filters at a fraction of the price
  • Air filter compatible with the ADQ73214404 at a fraction of the price
  • Replaces Kenmore part number 46-9490 (water) and 46-9918 (air)
  • Helps reduce contaminants found in tap water and improves its quality and improves the freshness of the air in your fridge

IAPMO & UPC Certified
Certified by IAPMO R&T in model CLCH108-COMBO against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for specific performance claims. See performance data sheet for individual contaminants and reduction performance.

Activated Block Carbon Technology

The CLCH108-COMBO uses activated block carbon technology. Carbon is one of the most adsorptive substances, and its numerous and microscopic pores make it capable of adsorbing many microscopic contaminants. Adsorption is a chemical bond between the surface of the carbon and a molecule (contaminant).

  • Activated carbon is a carbonaceous, highly porous adsorptive medium that has a complex structure composed primarily of carbon atoms. The networks of pores in activated carbons are channels created within a rigid skeleton of disordered layers of carbon atoms, linked together by chemical bonds, stacked unevenly, creating a highly porous structure between the carbon layers. Activated carbon is able to attract and capture a whole host of contaminants, including chlorine and other organic chemical compounds. 
  • Activated carbon means that the carbon has been treated at 1000°C with steam molecules to selectively burn holes into the carbonized raw material, creating a multitude of pores inside the carbonaceous matrix. This process creates so much surface area that a teaspoon of activated carbon has roughly the same surface area as a soccer field! 
  • Activated block carbon, then, with its use of adsorption, is one of the most effective water filtration methods in use today.