Honeywell Replacement Prefilter for 16" X 20" Air Cleaner

Honeywell 209989 | Our#: 112900

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Honeywell Replacement Prefilter for 16
2 pack

(2-pack) Original Honeywell Replacement Prefilter for 16" X 20" Air Cleaner (formerly part number 203374)

16" x 20"

This Pack Contains Two 16" x 10" Filters to Fit One 16" x 20" Air Cleaner.

OEM replacement for Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner - 209989

To make sure you are getting the best performance from your air cleaner, make sure you clean the pre-filters regularly - every 1 to 6 months depending on your lifestyle (such as number of family members, pets, smoking, cooking, woodworking, etc).
Vacuum the pre-filters or brush, or soak it in a tub. Do NOT wash the pre-filter in the dishwasher or car wash.
Make sure the pre-filters are dry before sliding them back into the upstream prefilter guides. If the prefilters are still wet when you put them back in, the neon light may not come on and you may hear arcing. If arcing happens turn the unit off for 2-3 hours or until prefilters are dry.