Accumulair FEAE15X24X0.06 | Our#: 175650

Cut-To-Fit Room Air Conditioner Filter Media

Accumulair FEAE15X24X0.06 | Our#: 175650

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Cut-To-Fit Room Air Conditioner Filter Media (2-pack)

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Cut-To-Fit Room Air Conditioner Filter Media (2-Pack)


  • 20 Times more efficient than ordinary filters
  • More effective than ordinary foam room air conditioner filters
  • Removes airborne allergens of pet dander, mold sports, micro particles of smoke, and dust
  • Easy cut-to-fit installation
  • Lasts up to 2 months
  • Contains electrostatic fibers
  • 360 square inches - 15" X 24" Sheet of media

1). Remove used filter
2). Cut new filter using used filter as pattern - cut the new filter 1 inch smaller on all sides than the old filter
3). If used with AC unit with slide in screen - use masking tape to attach filter around the edges of the screen