Moodo MOD-001U | Our#: 188431

Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser

Moodo MOD-001U | Our#: 188431

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  •  100% Compatibility Guarantee
  • Safe, Spa Quality fragrances
  • Customize your perfect scent or choose from pre-set blends
  • Adjust scent level and on/off timing from your phone
  •  Fast Shipping & Free Returns
  •  100% Compatibility Guarantee
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Product Details

Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser.  Create the perfect mood with Moodo!

Moodo is a revolutionary, programmable scenting technology that you control from your smart phone.  Moodo holds four unique scent capsules so you can custom blend according to your mood.  Choose from dozens of fragrance capsules grouped in "scent families".  Set intensity levels and on/off timing.  You can even program Moodo to wake you up with an invigorating scent and relax later with a calming fragrance.  Moodo works with IFTT app to turn on when you get home and off when you leave.  The built-in rechargeable battery gives you the freedom to easily move the "scent mood" from room to room. 

Control your home fragrance from anywhere using the FREE Moodo app, which suitable for iOS iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones.


  • Power cord included, built in battery
  • Safe & clean technology of cold-air diffusion: fans with adjustable speeds are used to diffuse the scent from the fragrance capsules
  • No wax, no oil and no aerosol residues; no gas, no flame and no heat risks, no VOC's
  • Safe & certified fragrances, within simple-to-use capsules.
  • Scent capsules are grouped into harmonized "Scent Families" that produce a pleasant fragrance in any mixing combination
  • Compatible with the leading smart home technologies: Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, Google Assistant and more
  • Room Area Coverage: 600 sqft / 60 sqm
  • Fragrance Capsules Duration: 60 continuous hours - up to two months per set depending on your usage pattern.
  • Product Dimensions: 4-3/4"L X 4-3/4" W X  4" H 
  • Color: Black