Replacement Water Panel for Whole House Humidifiers - 2-Pack
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BestAirPro Replacement For X2661 Humidifier Filter

Whole house humidifier filter aftermarket for large bypass and fan powered models (AKA water panel, water pad, evaporator pad). Universal replacement for many brands and models. Approximately 10" W X 13" H X 1-1/2".

Replacement for Lennox Healthy Climate X2661 Humidifier Water Pad, 2-Pack

Aprilaire Replacement For X2661 Humidifier Filter

Replacement humidifier pad for part No. X2661, for Healthy Climate Humidifiers HCWB2-17, HCWB2-17A, HCWB3-17, HCWB3-17A, HCWP2-18, HCWP2-18A, HCWP3-18, HCWP3, 18A, WB2-17, WB2-17A, WP2-18 and WP2-18A, HCWB17. Approximate Size: 10" x 13" x 1-1/2"