GeneralAire Humidifier Filters/Water Panels

The following is a list of humidifier filters compatible with GeneralAire equipment.


Low humidity levels in your indoor spaces can cause a number of problems that can make you more susceptible to health problems. Dry air caused by low humidity can lead to dry skin, bloody noses, and itchy eyes. To remedy this, integrate a Generalaire humidifier filter into your residential and commercial space. These humidifier filters raise humidity levels by releasing moist air into indoor environments, protecting you from dry, itchy air.

The Generalaire humidifier filters (AKA Generalaire evaporator pads, water pads, water panels) are placed within your furnace system. Installed correctly, the filter will remove undesirable particles and minerals from the water in the system. As water flows through the humidifier valve and comes into contact with the evaporator pad, the humidification process begins. Water is absorbed by the filter pad and is held there when hot, dry air from the furnace or fan coil passes through the humidifier pad. Water vapor is created when the hot air from the furnace comes into contact with the damp water panel. From there, the vapor is then carried through the air system via the forced-air duct system and distributed throughout your residential or commercial space, rejuvenating your home and bringing moisture back to your indoor environment.

To ensure that your whole house humidifier system is running at maximum efficiency, you should change your Generalaire humidifier filter at least once per heating season. When your evaporator pad is in use for extended periods of time, the constant contact with water and foreign particulate can cause build-up to accumulate on the filter media. This will make your water panel work less efficiently and make your HVAC system more susceptible to maintenance issue. To save you time and money in the future, routine filter changes should be performed. Areas with hard water may require two changes per season to ensure peak performance.