Aprilaire 35 | Our#: 192403

Replacement for Trane/American Standard BAYPAD02A1310A Humidifier Pad, 2-Pack

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Aprilaire 35 | Our#: 192403

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Replacement for Trane /American Standard BAYPAD01A101A. Guaranteed fit. Dimensions approximately 10" W X 13" H X 1-1/2"

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Product Details

This high-quality whole house humidifier replacement filter is a product made by a leading manufacturer to replace the humidifier filter (AKA water panel, water pad, evaporator pad) in many makes and models of whole house humidifiers. This product can be found in the large bypass and powered humidifiers manufactured by Aprilaire, Bryant, Carrier, Totaline, Lennox, Trane, American Standard and many other name brand humidifier companies to act as a universal replacement humidifier filter.

This whole house humidifier replacement filter is constructed from an expanded aluminum mesh pad that is coated with a special clay-like covering. This coating absorbs water while also removing mineral deposits present in the water in the system. As water flows through the humidifier valve, it will soak the filter. Hot, dry air from the furnace or fan coil passes through the universal replacement humidifier filter and absorbs the water. The moist air is then distributed through the home via the forced-air duct system providing your household with increased moisture levels and alleviating dry air issues.

It is recommended you replace your whole house humidifier filter at least once per heating season. Humidifier filters in extended use can accumulate build-up over time. This can lead to reduced efficiency and may cause issues in your filtration system. To alleviate this issue, routine filter changes are recommended to ensure peace of mind and prevent future problems from occurring. Areas with hard water may require two changes per season to ensure peak performance.

  • High quality, low-cost alternative to factory original product
  • Made in the USA with high quality components
  • Guaranteed to fit your whole house humidifier

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