The GE RPWFE filters are different than the RPWF filters.

If your refrigerator specifically requires the RPWFE filter - you must purchase the factory original product or a filter bypass plug (part # WR17X23645) to dispense water or make ice.

What's the difference?

The difference between the the two parts goes beyond the "E" at the end of the part number.

 Newer GE refrigerators "use radio frequency identification (RFID) to detect leaks and monitor filter status." This means the RPWFE filter contains a chip which "talks" to the fridge to let it know that it's a genuine factory product. 

If your refrigerator specifically requires the RPWFE filter you will not be able to use the old RPWF cartridge, or an aftermarket replacement for the RPWF.

The Image 1 below shows the location of the chip on the filter. Image 2 shows the FCC warning sticker found in the fridge - which is another clue that the RPWFE is required for operation

You can find the original RPWFE filter here.

Image 1


Image 2

RPWFE FCC - Warning