AIRx 21x24.5x4.5RR-RH-ALLERGY | Our#: 176988

21x24.5x4.5 AIRx ALLERGY Rheem/Ruud RXHF-E24AM100 Replacement Air Filter - MERV 11

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AIRx 21x24.5x4.5RR-RH-ALLERGY | Our#: 176988

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Reduce common allergy symptoms

  • Reduces allergy irritating particles
  • Captures allergens like dust, mold spores, pet dander, dust mite debris and more
  • Lessens odors from car fumes & smog
  • Creates cleaner indoor air
  • Actual Dimensions: 20 ¾" x 24 ¼" x 4 ⅜"

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  •  Fast Shipping & Free Returns
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Product Details

21x24.5x4.5 AIRx ALLERGY Rheem/Ruud RXHF-E24AM100 Replacement Air Filter - MERV 11 (actual dimensions 20-3/4" X 24-1/4" X 4-3/8") - Rated MERV 11

Replaces media filters used in Rheem / Ruud model RXHF-E24AM10 24" Air Handler Media Air Cleaner Cabinets.  Replaces Protech 540014, PD540044, DPFU21X24.5X5M11, DPFU21X24.5X5M13

NOTE:  This filter is not manufacturered by Rheem or Ruud. 

These deep-pleated filters are manufactured to fit in Rheem and Ruud Media Exact Fit Air Cleaners. Expect comparable quality of construction at a value price!!  The OEM filters are typically rated at MERV 10 - but these filters are rated at MERV 11.


  • Moisture resistant frame remains sturdy even in high humidity
  • Rust resistant galvanized wire downstream gives the filter rigidity and holds media in place after installation  
  • Built-in support fingers hold pleats in place and allow for maximum dust holding  

Do you want to know about the technical specs?

Nominal Dimensions
21 x 24 ½ x 4 ½"
Actual Dimensions
20 ¾ x 24 ¼ x 4 ⅜"
Filter Media
Electrostatically charged 100% synthetic gradient media that does not support microbiological growth
Filter Support Grid
30 gauge galvanized expanded metal grid
Moisture resistant double-wall beverage board
Max Temperature
180F (82C) continuous service, peak 225F (107C)
Max Humidity
Resistant to 100% R.H.

Replaces These Filters:

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How to change your furnace/air-conditioner/HVAC air filter

Estimated time: 10 minutes or less


  1. Determine the location of your filter

    Your forced air system will be similar, whether or not it is a heating (furnace) or cooling (AC) system – or both. The furnace filter housing/slot is located right next to the heating/cooling system’s air handler or blower. Your filter(s) may also be located in a return grille on the wall or ceiling of your home.

  2. Determine the type/size of filter that you use

    Typically, the dimensions or part number of the filter will be printed on the filter frame. Use this information to order a new filter.

  3. Purchase a new air filter from

    Visit and purchase a new filter. Use our filter finders to verify the correct match.

  4. Remove the old filter

    Turn off the power to the heating/cooling system and remove the old filter from its housing/slot and discard.

  5. Insert the new filter

    Pay attention to any airflow direction arrows printed on the frame of the new filter. Install the filter by sliding it into the filter housing/slot with the airflow arrow pointing towards the blower. If installing the filter in a wall or ceiling grille – the airflow arrow should point towards the wall or ceiling. Turn on the power to the forced air system.

    Enjoy cleaner air!