Brita 35250 | Our#: 172490

Brita SpaceSaver Filtered Water Pitcher

Brita 35250 | Our#: 172490

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Brita SpaceSaver Filtered Water Pitcher

Product Details

Tap water can contain dangerous contaminants. By filtering the water before you drink it, you reduce the risk of ingesting lead, asbestos, cysts, bacteria, chlorine and other particulates. The Brita SpaceSaver pitcher reduces these and other particulates. BPA-free materials make the filter safe to use every day. Its efficient design allows you to store the pitcher in the refrigerator or on your counter. The flip top enables you to refill the pitcher easily. To clean the pitcher, simply wash it with mild detergent. Before inserting fresh filters, saturate them for 15 minutes in order to activate the carbon and prepare it to filter tap water immediately. A calendar reminder on the pitcher indicates when you need to replace the filter. Use the Brita SpaceSaver filter pitcher at home or at work, and enjoy the benefits of great tasting and clean filtered water.

  • 48 ounce capacity, equivalent to six 8-ounce glasses
  • simple to refill and easy to store
  • reduces particulates and contaminants from the tap water
  • BPA free
  • reminder dial indicates when the filter must be changed
  • includes one pitcher and one filter