Dupont Water Filters

What Our Customers Have to Say

Crista Suggs 1 day ago
This product works great
David R Smith 1 day ago
I have been trying these lower-cost 50u pleated filters for 6 months now. My well pumps lots of mud-iron water after heavy rains. The 50u filter is washable, and it catches a lot of gunk, including some fine gravels. Following this initial coarse filter, I use the 5um fine filter which removes most of the brown color from the water. Then I use a water softener with 'iron-remover' salt. The 50um pleate3d filter lasts about 3 months. The 5um filter lasts 4-8 weeks. These filters replace A.O. Smith ($) filters I used to buy at Lowe's. The 5um A.O. Smith is a finer filter than the similar rating 5um ClearChoice. The A.O. Smith filter prevents all brown water color but understandably it clogs up quicker. Its always something.
Kevin P Ward 3 days ago
Works surprisingly well for the cost. Superior to the competition for value and performance. My Moose organization appreciates the understanding of quality & value.
Jeff Hartman 3 days ago
Water taste great and fast to arrive great product