Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

How to Make Your Own Mask

As the CDC recommends wearing a protective mask when leaving your house for essential errands, is providing DIY kits using our MERV 14 material with instructions.

Materials & Tools


Strip of MERV 14 Pleat Material (24” x 28”)


A Sturdy Pair of Scissors

Drawing utencils

A Drawing Device (Pencil, Pen or Sharpie)


Draw the pattern on the material

Draw the pattern to remove small strips to form tie straps

Cut the pattern out of the material

Cut the pattern out of the material carefully

Tie straps behind your head

Cover your mouth and tie the straps behind your head

DIY Face Mask Filter Media

DIY Face Mask Filter Media


  • Highly Efficient MERV 14 Media
  • 24" X 28" Pad
  • Cut-to-size
  • Contains no fiberglass

Additional DIY Mask Tutorials

If you’re looking for a faster way to create a mask or have a sewing machine and the talent to make your own, here are some additional tutorials to help you stay safe and healthy.