ADS-AB1 AquaBullet Anti-Microbrial Wand

Scotsman ADS-AB1 | Our#: 174222

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ADS-AB1 AquaBullet Anti-Microbrial Wand

ADS-AB1 AquaBullet Anti-Microbrial Wand

Anti-microbial Wand for Cube Ice Machines Scotsman's AquaBullet contains an advanced, EPA registered, antimicrobial media custom-designed to inhibit the growth of a wide variety of mold, bacteria, and algae that cause slime in ice machines. The technology utilizes the known anti-microbial properties of various minerals, along with other metal oxides, to interfere with the microorganisms' cell replication, electron transport, and overall organism function. This technology is incorporated into a drop-in device, which is placed directly into the sump water, providing treatment of the machine in one easy step


  • Award-winning, patented technology containing an advanced anti-microbial media.
  • One-step, drop-in installation for easy use and replacement.
  • More effective when used in combination with Scotsman's AquaPatrol filtration system.
  • Suggested replacement every three months for standard water conditions.
  • Media is EPA Registered and Listed under NSF Standard 42.


  • Reduces the growth of a wide variety of mold, bacteria, and algae that cause slime in ice machines decreasing cleaning time and lowering maintenance costs.
  • Insures low cost installation and proper function.
  • Chlorine enhances the anti-microbial action resulting in greater efficacy than the sum of AquaBullet and AquaPatrol capabilities.
  • Longer life than anti-microbial sachets for low-cost performance.
  • Creates no off-taste or odor in ice.
  • Safe to handle, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and easily disposed of with normal trash.