Manitowoc K-00337 AR-PRE Replacement Filter

Manitowoc K-00337 | Our#: 173888

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Manitowoc K-00337 AR-PRE Replacement Filter

K-00337 AR-PRE Replacement Filter

Over 60% of ice machine maintenance calls are water-related! Arctic Pure® water filters are designed exclusively for ice machine applications and will reduce these calls.

Optional Pre-Filter - An optional pre-filter is recommended for ice machine installations in areas with high particulate matter (dirty water). The pre-filter extends the filtration efficiency and working life of the primary filter cartridge where this condition exists. The Manitowoc pre-filteris a cost-efficient solution to the particulate matter (dirty water) problem because pre-filter replacements are more economical than a primary filter cartridge.


Capacity: Varies
Certifications: NSF/ANSI 42
Dimensions: 14- 1/2" x 3- 3/4" Dia.
Flow Rate: 5 gpm
Ice Machine Sizing: N/A
Micron Rating: 5
Reduction Claims: Sediment