Everpure 9799-42 | Our#: 187955

Everpure SS-XL Scale Stick

Everpure 9799-42 | Our#: 187955

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Everpure SS-XL Scale Stick 9799-42

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Product Details

Everpure SS-XL, 9799-42, HydroBlend Water Treatment Cartridge, Scale Inhibitor



Increased capacity for locations with increased scale control needs.


Up to 4X the capacity of the SS-IMF (depending on the ow and water quality characteristics).


Features HydroblendTM compound, a unique blend that inhibits mineral scale deposits and provides corrosion protection in low ow water- fed equipment.*


Patented design (patent no. 5,580,448) dispenses a controlled amount of HydroblendTM for long-term protection and provides greater effectiveness than standard phosphate treatments.


Unaffected by high temperatures, permitting use in a wide variety of applications.


Translucent cartridge allows simple visual monitoring of product usage and ensures against wasteful premature cartridge replacement.


Integral feed cartridge ts most standard 10-inch housings, all current SR-X housings and all old style AR-X housings.*


The SS-XL ScaleStick® is designed for higher ow rates in Foodservice and light commercial applications.


The SS-XL is ideal for foodservice locations where SS-10 and SS-IMF cartridges are consumed before scheduled maintenance visits.


The SS-XL cartridge's larger diameter makes it suitable for small ware wash applications.