Cuno Aqua-Pure SF165 Cartridge Pack

Cuno 56138-11 | Our#: 173569

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Cuno Aqua-Pure SF165 Cartridge Pack

Cuno Aqua-Pure SF165 Cartridge Pack

Includes 1 HF65 Cartridge and 1 HF8-S Cartridge

Aqua-Pure® ScaleGard HT provides consistent Recipe Quality Water ® with
reduced sediment and chlorine taste and odor. Operating cost savings from
the controlled and metered addition of scale-inhibitors reduces the ability of
calcium and magnesium to precipitate as hard scale in both high and lowtemperature
applications, including ice machines, coffee, tea, espresso
brewers, and steamers


Application: Normal to Hard Water
Capacity: 35,000 gal (132,489 lit)
Coffe Brewers: Up To 3.34 gpm Demand
Cubers: Up To 1,200 lbs
Flake Machines: Up To 2,400 lbs
Flow Rate: 3.34 gpm
Low Flow Cubers: Up To 1,450 lbs
Micron Rating: 3
Model Number: SF165 Cartpak
Part Number: 56138-11
Reduction Claims: Sediment, Chlorine Taste, Odor, Scale
Steam Equipment: Up To 3.34 gpm Demand
System Capatibility: Cuno ScaleGard HT