Cuno SWC1350C Espresso Cartridge

Cuno 55992-07 | Our#: 174362

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Cuno SWC1350C Espresso Cartridge

Cuno SWC1350C Espresso Cartridge 55992-07

Replacement cartridge only - Does not include the head

The SWC1350C cartridge is designed to reduce hard scale build-up on espresso
machine boilers and maintain efficient brewing machine operations. High capacity sodium ion exchange resin
reduces hard scale that causes equipment break down and increased energy consumption. Premium activated
carbon reduces chlorine taste and odor and bitterness associated with poor water quality.


Capacity: 1,100 grains
Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
Model Number: SWC1350-C
Part Number: 55992-07
Reduction Claims: Hardness, Chlorine Taste & Odor
System Compatibility: Cuno CFS6135-C