Foamtec International CP201-4 | Our#: 188314

DishFish Dual - Antimicrobial Extreme Cleaning Sponge, 4-Pack

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Foamtec International CP201-4 | Our#: 188314

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Product Details

DishFish is a revolutionary sponge!  This dual-sided, multipurpose sponge was made for the kitchen, but it's tough enough to use in the bathroom, all around the house and even outdoors. 

  • The non-scratch PowerCell scrubber side:
    • Is excellent at scouring off baked on food and grease and even cleans tough areas of lime build up in the bathroom sink and shower. 
    • Is Strong enough for outdoor uses such as the grille, grime on your car's paint and wheels, vinyl and painted siding, RV's, boats and so much more! Guaranteed not to scratch.
  • The ForeverFresh absorbent sponge side:
    • Is 6 times more absorbent than the leading brand sponge and lasts 10 times longer
    • Is Infused with ForeverFresh Antimicrobial to fight germ, bacteria and mold growth.
  • DishFish's ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand and into tight spaces such as glassware and corners. 
  • DishFish Stands on it's tail to dry quicker and stay fresher.
  • Unique PowerCell technology remains firm in cold water for tough scouring and softens in warm water for gentle scrubbing.