Drain Out SB06N | Our#: 186121

Drain Out SeptoBac Septic Tank Treatment - 8 uses

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Drain Out SB06N | Our#: 186121

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  • Easy to use pre-measured packets
  • Fights Septic tank back-up
  • Helps prevent offensive odors & ensures a healthy septic system

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Product Details

Drain OUT® Septic System Treatment is a convenient, easy to use, pre-measured septic tank and system treatment formulated with billions of bacteria that provide continuous and effective septic system maintenance.

The bacteria, specially selected by leading environmental scientists, produce enzymes which accelerate digestion of both organic and difficult-to-degrade septic waste such as paper, wipes, cleaning and laundry chemicals, oils and grease. These special bacteria strains also have greater resistance to anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners, which can reduce bacteria in your septic tank.

Drain OUT septic tank treatment is formulated with microbial nutrients that stimulate bacterial growth to help fight against septic back-up. Regular use assures continuous enzyme action, helps prevent offensive odors and ensures a healthy septic system.

8-use Septic System Treatment Package