Bio Ouster A1801 | Our#: 186309

Chamois Cleaning Cloth

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Bio Ouster A1801 | Our#: 186309

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  • Super absorbant cleaning cloth
  • Durable yet Safe for any surface
  • Reuseable and washable
  • Great for cleaning spills
  •  Free Shipping & Returns
  •  100% Compatibility Guarantee
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Product Details

12" x 16" synthetic microfiber cleaning cloth is super soft and safe for all surfaces.  Use in the kitchen, bathroom, baby's room, outdoor furniture, pools, spas, bathtubs, windows, etc. 

. Manufactured to prevent scratching today's premium acrylic hot tubs, portable spas, swim spas and jetted bath tubs - so it's safe for even delicate surfaces.
. Includes convenient storage tube to keep the towel clean
. Super absorbent, fast drying and reusable many times

Includes Cleaning Storage Tube with Micro Vent.
The Bio Ouster cleaning chamois towel comes with a storage tube to keep the cleaning towel in pristine condition between uses. Minimizes dirt, dust and particulate build-up. Storage tub also has exterior moisture drain to keep towel dry and mold-free. When ready to reuse, simply rewet towel from its hibernation state to restore its soft luster.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash with mild soap. If chamois dries up and becomes hard, soak in water to revitalize. Keep chamois in towel storage for extended use. Discoloration may occur if chamois comes in contact with spa sanitizers, oxidizers or intense director sunlight. Do not iron or place in dryer