Trane/American Standard PERFECT FIT Air Filter (BAYFTAH23M)

Trane BAYFTAH23M / FLR06073 | Our#: 110178

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Trane/American Standard PERFECT FIT Air Filter (BAYFTAH23M)
2 pack

Air cleaner filters trap and remove airborne impurities. Rated MERV 8, this factory original filter reduces dirt, dust and odor particles. An efficient pleated design increases the filter's capacity and performance. Once every six months, change the filter. The replacement filter easily slides into the air cleaner with no assembly required.

  • MERV 8
  • captures airborne allergens, contaminants, irritants and odors
  • easy to install
  • replace once every six months
  • two pack provides up to one year of clean indoor air
  • 21” x 23.5” x 5" nominal size
  • 20.1” x 23.2” x 5" actual size
  • OEM for model TFM235A0AH0, TFM235B0AH0A, TFM235A0AH10, TFP235A0AH00, TFM235B0AH01, TFP235A0AH11, TFP235A0AH10 and Perfect Fit High Efficiency air cleaners