Lennox Model PMAC-12C Air Cleaner Filter Media - X0444

Lennox X0444 | Our#: 110207

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Lennox Model PMAC-12C Air Cleaner Filter Media - X0444
2 pack

Air cleaners trap and remove contaminants from indoor air. They use filters to reduce pollutants, odors and other particles. The factory original Lennox filter media includes an electrostatic charge. Rated MERV 10, the filter attracts pet dander, bacteria, dust, dirt, pollen and odors. A pleated design improves the filtration capacity. Expand the filter media, insert it into the plastic frame and secure it with existing pleat spacers. Replacing the filter once every six months provides clean indoor air.

  • MERV 10
  • uses electrostatically charged media to trap pollen, dust, dirt, pet dander, bacteria and odors
  • accordion style media expands and fits into the air cler's frame
  • replace once every 6 months
  • convenient two pack provides up to one year of clean indoor air
  • OEM Lennox part # 0444
  • replaces Aprilaire 2400 and 401