Aprilaire 261 | Our#: 113242

Aprilaire / Space-Gard #261 High Efficiency Filtering Media

Aprilaire 261 | Our#: 113242

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Product Details

Original Aprilaire / Space-Gard # 261 for Aprilaire / Space-Gard model 2600 air cleaner.

This Commercial Replacement Filtering Media is designed to last up to six months but it's actual service life is dependant upon the concentration of particulate in the air it is filtering.
Fits Commercial Air Cleaner Model 2600.

Easy to follow installation instructions are printed on each carton.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a HEPA filter and Aprilaire Air Cleaners?
HEPA filters are very efficient at removing extremely small particles from small volumes of air. However, HEPA filters restrict airflow in addition to pollutants, so these systems can not be used to filter all of the air going through a residential furnace.

Aprilaire's air cleaner uses the same types of filtration as HEPA filters, but with a lower restriction to airflow. This means you can filter all the air moving through the furnace. Air can be cleaned throughout the entire home, not just a single room. The complete line of Aprilaire air cleaners offers units for general air cleaning needs and an electronic air cleaner that is the most efficient (non-HEPA) residential air cleaner on the market.

2. When should I change the media?
The air cleaner media in the Model 2600 can last from 6 months up to 2 years. If installed on a 5-ton system, in the presence of high concentration of particulate, or if the furnace fan is on continuously, it may be necessary to change the media more frequently. In any application, the life of the media is dependant upon the total volume of air being moved through it as well as the amount of particulate it is filtering.

3. What is the media constructed of?
All of the media types (201, 401, 501, 261, 275) are made of blanket glass micro-fibers.

4. Does my air cleaner have a specific direction when it is being installed?
Yes. There are airflow arrows on the inner housings of all of our units, which indicate the proper direction for airflow. The air cleaners must be installed in this manner to ensure proper support for the air cleaner media. The correct installation allows the media to operate efficiently and last a long time.

If an Aprilaire Air Cleaner is installed with the airflow moving in the opposite direction of the airflow arrows, the efficiency of the Aprilaire is not affected but the media may collapse and reduce its service life.

5. Is it O.K. to install the air cleaner near a humidifier?
If you own an Aprilaire humidifier the answer is very simple -- "Yes." The humidifier will not have an adverse affect on the air cleaner since the humidity being created is a vapor. It is our recommendation that you contact the manufacturer of your humidifier for specific application information if you do not own an Aprilaire Humidifier.

6. Where can I purchase the replacement media for my air cleaner?
IAQsource.com is your Aprilaire expert and will have replacement parts on hand for immediate shipment.

7. I have more dust now than before my air cleaner was installed, why?
Many times an air cleaner is installed with a new furnace capable of moving more air than the previous one. This causes the air to pick up particulate sitting in the supply ductwork and carry it into the living area. However, the furnace blower may not be strong enough to bring the particles back to the air cleaner and so particulate appears on furniture, tables and other home furnishings. The best way to reduce this is to run your blower continuously and bring as much air back to the air cleaner as possible.

8. What is the MERV rating of the Model 2600?
They have a MERV rating of 10.

9. How is Space-Gard different from Aprilaire?
Space-Gard, commonly misspelled as Space-guard, is the previous brand name of our current Aprilaire Media Air Cleaner. It has always been manufactured by Aprilaire and still uses the same replacement media filter.