AIRx 20x20x5AB-HEALTH | Our#: 181050

20x20x5 AIRx HEALTH Skuttle Media 000-0448-003 Replacement Air Filter - MERV 13

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AIRx 20x20x5AB-HEALTH | Our#: 181050

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Protect more sensitive lungs

  • Highest rated filter to reduce most pollutants
  • Reduces pollen, dust, lint, dust mite debris, pet dander & mold spores
  • Lessens odors from car fumes & smoke
  • Removes bacteria & virus carriers
  • Creates cleaner indoor air
  • Actual Dimensions: 19-11/16" x 20-11/16" x 4⅞"

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Product Details

AirX Replacement Filter for Skuttle Media #000-0448-003.  20X20X5 (actual dimensions 19 3/4" X 20 5/8" X 4 7/8).

Fits Media Air Cleaner Model DB-20-20.

Note - these are not manufactured by Skuttle.


These deep-pleated filters are manufactured to fit in Skuttle Mechanical Air Cleaners. Expect comparable quality of construction at a value price!!

* Moisture resistant frame remains sturdy even in high humidity
* Rust resistant galvanized wire downstream gives the filter rigidity and holds media in place after installation
* Built-in support fingers hold pleats in place and allow for maximum dust holding
* Foam gasket helps seal the filter into the air cleaner and prevents dust from bypassing the filter
* Specialized media - rated at MERV 13 removes 90% of particles from 1-3 microns in size, and promotes superior indoor air quality (IAQ)

Do you want to know about the technical specs?

Nominal Dimensions
20 x 20 x 5"
Actual Dimensions
19-11/16 x 20-11/16 x 4⅞"
Filter Media
Electrostatically charged 100% synthetic gradient media that does not support microbiological growth
Filter Support Grid
30 gauge galvanized expanded metal grid
Moisture resistant double-wall beverage board
Max Temperature
180F (82C) continuous service, peak 225F (107C)
Max Humidity
Resistant to 100% R.H.

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