GeneralAire G99 Air Filter Gauge

GeneralAire G99 | Our#: 112063

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GeneralAire G99 Air Filter Gauge

Filter manufacturers recommend replacing the filter regularly. As it processes air, the filter traps pollutants and allergens. A full filter causes the HVAC system to work harder, increases energy costs and reduces indoor air quality. An air filter gauge monitors the level of contaminants in the filter. Install it between the blower and the filter. When the filter is full, the vacuum in this location increases and raises the vane on the gauge. A built-in screen traps dust and keeps the gauge clean. Use an extension kit to mount the gauge up to 10 feet away from the location you wish to monitor. Easily replace the gauge when needed.

  • dial is easy to read
  • simple to calibrate
  • easy to install
  • build-in screen removes dust from the air samples and keeps the gauge clean
  • mount up to 10 feet away from monitoring location


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