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What Our Customers Have to Say

Donna M NOGA 34 days ago
Fit perfectly.
Julie Kirchem 57 days ago
I was very happy to find filters that fit my GE range hood that is nearly 50 years old. They are not exactly the same as the original ones but I did not expect to find that. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. These filters are much lighter than the originals and do not have the pull tab but they are the correct size and do the job. I tried to clean the old ones but they were just too far gone. It is probably unusual to have an appliance that is almost 50 years old but I am not going to throw away something that still works well. It really does prove that they don't make 'em like they used to.
Michael Memmer 94 days ago
I really like replacement filter. I buy them once a year. But I have a wide cooktop hood that needs two of them. When I get the very appreciated reminder, it's for a one filter purchase. Could you change my reminder to show a do two-filter purchases Thanks, Michael
Kristen Jensen 97 days ago
Fit perfect and price was most reasonable