Water Filters For RF263AEWP Refrigerators

!RF263AEWP refrigerators use the following filter.

How to install the filter in the RF263AEWP refrigerator

  1. Remove old filter cartridge by grasping and turning to the left about 1/4 turn
  2. Apply the month sticker (included) to the catridge as a reminder to replace the filter with 6 months and remove red cap
  3. Align unlabeled side of filter with the indictor line so that it can be inserted into the filter cover
  4. Turn the catridge 1/4 turn to the right to lock it into place - you will feel a stop and the locked symbol should now be lined up with the indicator line
  5. Run water through the dispenser for 5 minutes to purge the system
  6. Press and hold ice type and child lock button simultaneously to reset filter indicator if your fridge has one