Refrigerator Filter Change Light Still On?

One of the most common questions we get is, “I just changed my water filter, but the filter change light is still on in my fridge. Are these defective filters?” The chances of getting a defective water filter are very slim, but it can happen. (If you think your filters are bad, give us a call and we’ll make it right!) If that pesky light reminder remains and your filters aren’t faulty, all it takes are a few simple steps to reset your Filter Change light. Let’s check them out!

Refrigerator 'filter change' light is on!

Step 1 – Changing Your Refrigerator Filter

First, locate and change your water filter. Make sure the filter makes a good seal as you screw or push it into the receiver. Check for any leaks or cracks that could be present on your filter or your filter receiver. If it feels like the filter is catching on anything, then pull it out and start over. Be careful not to strip the threads on the filter! Very little force should be applied when replacing the filter. If the threads become stripped, future filters will not make a good connection to the receiver.

Tip: A small amount of plumbers grease can help with troublesome filters, but be sure not to get it in the filter or waterline as it can cause foul taste and clogged filters!

Step 2 – Resetting the Indicator Light

Now that you’ve inserted your new filter, you’ll need to change your indicator light. Some refrigerators are equipped with timers that change the color of the light based on time (usually 3-6 months), while others will measure the flow of water over time. These lights typically correspond with how the filter is doing.

  • GREEN – meaning the filter is new and does not need to be changed
  • YELLOW – meaning the filter is in the middle of its life expectancy
  • RED – meaning the filter needs to be changed immediately

Most of the time, you can get a full six months of use with one filter without any problems. Just because your light turns red doesn’t mean your water is not being filtered. It merely means you should change your filter soon.

Below is a list of common refrigerator brands and how to reset the indicator lights:

  • Amana – Press and hold the “Auto” and “Dispenser Lock” buttons, which may look like a padlock, until the water filter status indicator light flashes
  • Frigidaire – Press and hold the “Reset” button, which causes the indicator light to flash
  • GE (General Electric) – Press and hold the “Reset” button for around 8-10 seconds
  • HotPoint – Press and hold the “Reset” button for approximately 8-10 seconds
  • Jenn-Air – Press and hold the “Light” and “Lock” buttons until the filter light flashes (usually 5-10 seconds)
  • Kitchen Aid – Press and release the “Light” button five times in quick succession
  • Maytag – Press and hold the “Light” and “Lock” buttons until the filter light flashes (usually 5-10 seconds)
  • Samsung – Press and hold the “Ice Type (Cubed or Crushed)” and “Child Lock” buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds
  • Whirlpool – Press and release the “Light” button, which looks like a small plunger, 5-6 times quickly. The button is typically at the top or bottom of the door where the door closes

Step 3 – Flushing Your Water Filter

Once your new filter is inserted, you should flush about 3-5 gallons of water through it. This removes stray particles of carbon that may have settled inside the filter. Sometimes after a new filter change, you can see black specks floating in the water or the ice cubes. These are not harmful but can cause a bitter taste. Flushing the filter will ensure all loose carbon will end up down the drain and not floating in your water.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve taken these simple steps, you can enjoy crisp, clean, great-tasting water and ice! You’ll also know precisely when and how to change your fridge filter and get rid of that irksome light.

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