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EcoAqua Replacement for DA29-00012A Filters


Product Description

The DA29-00012A refrigerator water filter can be used in many refrigerator models built by brands like Samsung, Kenmore, and others. The Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00012B water filter is the original filter made with OEM Parts.It has also been certified to meet NSF standards 42 and 53, meaning it is certified to remove chlorine and other impurities from your water. The Swift Green SGF-DSA21 replacement filter is a cost effective and excellent alternative to the OEM model. The Swift Green SGF-DSA21 is an aftermarket filter that has comparable features to the Samsung DA29-00012B. Both of the filters are carbon based filters, but the Swift Green uses a newer technology that carbonizes coconut shells for a more environmentally friendly production. If replaced every six months, both replacement filters will provide you with the best water and ice quality possible.
DA29-00012A Description


DA29-00012A Installation

How To Install The DA29-00012A Filter:

  1. Open front cover of the refrigerator filter housing in the upper right corner of your refrigerator compartment
  2. Remove the old cartridge by pushing in on the cartridge - it will eject with a clicking sound
  3. Insert new cartridge by pushing it into the housing until it clicks.  Close the front cover of the refrigerator filter housing
  4. Flush the refrigerator water system after replacing the water filter cartridge.  Sputtering may occur until air is purged from water line and filter
  5. Reset water filter status display - replace filter every 9 months

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Product Comparison

Marvel at the specifications of our DA29-00012A compatible filter.

Change Frequency 6 Months
Filtering Capacity 300 Gallons
Contaminants Filtered Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Sediment, Sand, Rust & Other Particulates
NSF Rating -
Flow Rate .75 GPM
Pressure Range 30-125 PSI
Operating Temperature 33-100 °F

Both the factory original Samsung Da 29-00012B and the Swift Green SGF-DSA21 filters are designed to effectively reduce pollutants that can be found in your water supply such as chlorine, minerals, chemicals and more. The major difference between the filter options is that the Samsung DA29-00012B has certifications for NSF standards 42 and 53. This means that it is certified to reduce chlorine as well as many other contaminants in your water. Other than that, the generic Swift Green SGF-DSA21 is of similar quality to the factory original. The Swift Green filter also has the same flow rate, filtering capacity, operating temperature, and pressure range as the OEM. The filters are guaranteed to fit into any refrigerator model that uses the DA29-00012B or compatible filter. Both of the filters are available in convenient 3-packs that can give your home fresh water for up to 18 months.

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Reviews From Our Awesome Customers

We were so happy to to find these filters on-line. No one in our area stocks them, even where we bought our fridge. The price was a pleasant surprise - almost half of what we paid in the past. Thanks again!! Terry M.
This is the second time I have ordered these filters here and everything worked perfectly. I will be back in 18 months. George P.
EcoAqua EFF-6006A Recommended
EcoAqua Replacement for DA29-00012A Filters