AIRx ASPNPD3232 | Our#: 184919

AIRx Aspen Pad 32 x 32 for Evaporative Coolers - 4 pack

AIRx ASPNPD3232 | Our#: 184919

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AIRx Aspen Pad 32 x 32 for Evaporative Coolers

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Product Details

AIRx Aspen Pad 32 x 32 for Evaporative Coolers

The open cellular structure of pure Aspen excelsior allows our Pad to hold more water, resulting in more evaporative wicking area per square inch than any other evaporative cooler pad.

Grid-FloT stitching with biodegradable thread eliminates pad sagging and creates the most even flow of water throughout the pad surface, preventing hot spots that cost extra money to cool.  

All of this adds up to lower cost and fewer roof trips by reducing the debris that clogs pumps and filters.  

  • Made from Natural Aspen wood
  • Odor Free
  • Stitched-on full cover netting eliminates sagging and shedding
  • Fewer Pump and water flow problems
  • Fibers curled and barbed for maximum water retention
  • Biodegradable stitching

Also known as Swamp cooler pads, Evap cooler pads, Aspen pads, Aspen media.


32 inches
32 inches

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