Replacment for Cuno CFS9710-S - 55891-01



Our USA made ClearChoice filters are best-in-class aftermarket filters for all your commercial food service needs. Engineered to the highest standards, rigorously tested and NSF certified. We offer a full line of replacement filters, at a reduced cost to you. With OEM filters you are paying extra for their high brand overhead, not the technology in the filter.


Replacment for Cuno CFS9710-S - 55891-01 cartridge change procedure:
  1. Shut off water and relieve line pressure.
  2. Hold head firmly. Push upward on cartridge and turn it to the left 1/4 turn, until rotation stops.
  3. Pull cartridge down and out of head.
  4. Align new cartridge lug with head label. Hold head firmly. Insert new cartridge into head.
  5. Turn cartridge to the right 1/4 turn until rotation stop.
  6. Turn on water supply.
  7. Flush cartridge following instructions in owners manual.

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