Why Recycle?

Why Recycle?

This week we’re celebrating America Recycles Day, which is Nov. 15. In honor of this holiday we’re going to be sharing posts concerning the topic of recycling. Today we’re going to share some basic reasons why you should be recycling if you aren’t already.

You’ve considered recycling before, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the hassle. It doesn’t make much difference in the long run when you’re just one in a few trying to help the environment, right? We beg to differ. Every little bit counts.

You probably have a couple reasons as to why recycling just doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.

  • Lack of space.
    • If this situation applies to you, then check out these creative solutions!
  • It’s inconvenient.
    • When you set up a recycling center in your home, then you’re one step closer to making your recycling process a whole lot easier. If your trash service doesn’t include recycling pick-up, then call 1-800-CLEANUP to find the recycling center nearest you. You’ll feel a whole lot better knowing you’re helping the environment.
  • It doesn’t make much of a difference, so why bother?
    • Wait, what? It certainly does make a difference! Learn more here.
  • It’s hard to figure out what items are okay to recycle.
    • We know exactly what you mean! EarthEasy.com has created a wonderful resource for those who aren’t sure what items go where.

Understandable, but here’s some reasons why you should be recycling.

  • It saves energy.
    • According to Stanford, “the amount of energy lost from throwing away recyclable commodities such as aluminum cans and newspapers is equivalent to the annual output of 15 power plants.” When you encourage your household to recycle you’re helping contribute to HUGE energy savings!
  • It reduces the need for landfills.
    • When you recycle, the need for landfills is consequentially reduced. Trust us; you really don’t want to live next to a landfill.
  • It’s good for the economy.
    • According to Minnesota’s Dakota County website, “for every 10,000 tons of recycled items, 32.6 jobs are supported compared to only 6.46 jobs supported when the same amount of waste is landfilled.”

Learn more about some common reasons why people don’t recycle and why they should here.

Check out WholeLiving.com if you have more questions about recycling!

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