Why Buying Made in the USA Has Never Been More Important

Are you looking to go all-out with your purchases once the coronavirus pandemic is over? With the United States economy badly hit, you should review your buying habits. You need to reconsider channeling most of your purchases to US-made products.

With key states on lockdown, Americans continue to lose jobs. As the pandemic drags on, more people will likely lose their livelihood. But there are many other reasons to buy made in USA aside from economic reasons.

With or without a global pandemic, it is wise for Americans to patronize local products. Continue reading below as we discuss the different reasons why you should fully support American-made products.

Reasons to Buy Made in USA

There are several reasons to buy American-made products. Yes, the economic reasons top the list. But many people fail to realize the magnitude of the economic impact on people’s lives.

And then there are the safety and environmental factors. Let’s go deeper into the reasons why you need to start buying more products made in the USA:

1. Job Generation

The generation of job opportunities affects the health of the nation’s economy. Hence, by purchasing made in the USA, you are supporting American employees. 

This is crucial considering that there are over 22 million unemployed Americans. Furthermore, buying products from domestic businesses helps create jobs for future generations. The more money consumers spend on American-made products, the more money flows back to those companies.

In turn, they can create more local products. 

As the manufacturing sector grows, companies will open up more employment opportunities. This creates a cycle that will continue through the next generation and beyond.

2. Economic Boost

Alongside the employment benefits, buying locally-made products boosts the economy in many ways. When factories grow, they will look to expand to different areas. They will put up new offices to house their growing business. 

In turn, they will hire construction firms to build their buildings.

Moreover, they will tap energy suppliers to provide electricity to their new locations. Additionally, they will hire accounting firms to help manage their finances.

In essence, supporting products coming from the US creates a ripple effect. This effect cuts across different sectors and industries.

Furthermore, it will spur new investment options for Americans. It will also help reduce the trade deficit, which needs immediate attention.

3. Empower Human Rights

Now and then, we hear reports of exploitation of workers. There are businesses from other countries that force their employees to work 12 hours a day, six days a week.

Some of them even leave their employees sleeping on freezing dormitories or plywood bunk beds. Others also use children to beef up their workforce. 

But in the US, companies follow strict regulations when it comes to the rights of workers. Some measures focus on the health and safety of employees, especially in the manufacturing sector.

American companies boast of higher labor standards. This means companies cannot underpay workers. They also cannot make them work way beyond normal hours. 

They also implement protocols that aim to reduce work-related accidents. 

Moreover, American companies follow wage restrictions. This ensures that workers receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. 

4. Less Pollution and Carbon Footprint

The cost of production in some emerging nations is far cheaper compared to the US. However, there is a major trade-off that people tend to miss. One of the reasons why production costs in other countries are cheaper is because they do not follow health regulations.

These are regulations that ensure air and water safety in the factories. These regulations are essential for companies that leave harmful by-products.

These may come in the form of harmful chemicals that pollute the water, air, and soil. Furthermore, products coming from countries like China and India require shipping. 

This means they need to burn fossil fuel to bring their items to the US. Buying products from local companies can help reduce pollution and lower the overall carbon footprint.

5. Safety and Quality Assurance

US companies also apply strict safety and quality standards to the actual products they sell. Sensitive items like air purifiers, humidifiers, and air filters must have no room for substandard quality. 

If you see a sticker or logo saying “Made in the USA,” you get a sense of trust and pride. You get this assurance that the product you are holding is of good quality. Because of the standards American companies follow, they use quality materials to ensure years of service and performance.

Also, American products undergo different types of testing. If the products fail to meet the requirements, the manufacturers have no choice but to tweak the products until they pass the stringent regulations. Foreign products aren’t held to the same standards.

6. Strengthen Economic Independence 

Last but not least, patronizing American-made products strengthen the nation’s economic independence. This means our industries will continue to rely more on local resources.

Americans take pride in the independence that our forefathers fought for. By patronizing local products, consumers bring national pride and they help the country retake its place among the powerhouses in the global market.

Furthermore, buying local products reduces instances of foreign political debates. When companies import goods into the country, they go through a myriad of obstacles. When the deal involves a nation with a tense diplomatic relationship with the US, things can quickly turn sour. 

Sometimes, debates may ensue between the US and the opposite country. However, the country can avoid all of these barriers if consumers prioritize products made in the USA.

Enjoy Quality Filters Made in the USA

Supporting made in the USA products helps the country in more ways than one. It spurs the economy, creates more jobs, and boosts national pride. And if you’re searching for quality filters at reasonable prices, then you came to the right place. 

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So, the next time you need any sort of product, check to see if there’s an option made in the USA. You’ll be happy that you did!

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