Why Big Box Retailers Are Not Worth the Hassle – Buy Filters Online Instead

Water and air filters require regular replacement to ensure a clean, healthy home environment. But the dread of trying to find your specific brand at big box stores often has you putting off changing them. Locating a store worker and discovering they don’t carry everything you need can be frustrating. And typically what they do carry in big box stores is overpriced name brand products that are shipped in from China. But, refrigerator filters still need to be changed every six months and faucet filters shouldn’t linger more than 3-4 months.

In terms of fresh air, it’s recommended that the filter on your furnace or HVAC system be swapped out once per month in high use times and every six weeks during slower periods. The average home goes through quite a few filters and that cost can add up.

By purchasing filters at websites such as www.discountfilters.com, you can take all the hassle out of big box shopping and pay less. It’s a win-win!


Why Pay $50 for 1 Filter When you can Pay $15?

Unlike hardware outlets and big box stores, www.discountfilters.com offers lower prices and excellent bulk discounts. Buying your yearly supply online with a subscription will save you time and money. We make our filters here, in our warehouse located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We save money by making them ourselves versus paying China to ship them in. Most brand name retailers charge you extra for filters make in China or Taiwan when in fact you’re just paying for the pretty marketing.


Convenience of Shopping from Home

Having to get in a car and drive to the store is a waste of your time and gas money. Once you arrive, each store carries different brands and they typically only carry very common sizes or models of filters. They also won’t have variety in prices like online retailers will. So that $50 filter you buy at Home Depot could only cost you $15 at DiscountFilters.com. Online shopping can be done in the comfort of your own home and you’ll get the all your filters in one sitting at a great price. No standing in lines, no dealing with incompetent workers, no traffic, and the best part, when you buy online you don’t even have to get dressed.


Customer Service  

Ever notice how difficult it can be to find someone who works in a big box store? Once you find them, they often refer you to someone else. At the end of the day, store workers are busy and can’t be familiar with every product regardless of how frustrating that seems to consumers. Buying online means clicking on make, model and ordering the correct filters. If you have a question, there are several options to get a hold of our customer service team and they’ll provide any information you need. Our customer service is amazing and can help you find the right filter anytime, even on weekends.


Buy American

MADE IN USA Rubber Stamp over a white background.

Online stores such as www.discountfilters.com are American companies that make our filters right here in the USA. (Greenwood, Indiana to be exact). When you buy American, you support and protect jobs here in the heartland. Saving money and helping fellow Americans will make you feel good about every purchase. It typically only costs about $10 to make a filter. So when you buy that Whirlpool or Samsung filter from Lowe’s, you’re paying 4 times as much as you would with one of our ClearChoice brand aftermarket filters made in Indiana.


Small Business Benefits

Companies like Discount Filters are small, independent businesses that understand every penny counts. That’s why the cost is so much lower for water and air filters on the web site. No one likes lining the pockets of corporate CEOs that are already pulling down million-dollar salaries.


The DiscountFilters Difference

Beyond American pride and tremendous savings, DiscountFilters.com offers other benefits you won’t find at big box retailers. These include:

  • Filter change reminder emails
  • Filter purchase reminder emails
  • Promotional discounts
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Same-day or next-day delivery

Buying water and air filters from DiscountFilters.com can save you time and money. It will also help you keep track of when to change filters so the air and drinking water in your home stays fresh and clean.

21 thoughts on “Why Big Box Retailers Are Not Worth the Hassle – Buy Filters Online Instead”

  1. Glad to know your products are made in the USA. I will definitely buy all my filters from your company.

  2. After getting filters through Discount Filters for several years I would never go back to store searching. It is so convenient. No shipping fees. The prices are reasonable and even sale notifications to take advantage of. Always helpful if I call Customer Service with a question. And delivery is crazy fast!!

  3. What is interesting is that Home Depot sells filters for less BUT the MERV number is 9 or 10 and yours are 12 or 13.

  4. Thank God for Discount Filters. My first fridge that needed a water filter (now in the garage) had to be changed every two months at $40 a pop. I did without. My newer fridge seems to ask for a new filter every 4-5 months, and I get three filters from discount filters for the price of one at the big box appliance store. I change my HVAC filter every 5 weeks. I appreciate not having to sweat the expense when I change filters. I’m happy because I got a good deal. I want discount filters to expand into vacuum cleaner filters and bags.

    • Hi James, thanks for the kind words!! You are one of several special people that realize buying imported filters and paying three times as much isn’t smart. 🙂 We hope to expand into different types of filters in the near future, keep an eye out for vacuum cleaner filters! Thanks!

    • Hi Rick, sorry for the delayed response. Our ClearChoice brand fridge filters and AirX brand air filters are made in our facility in Greenwood, Indiana with the highest quality. We’re trying to share our story a little more through our website and social media. We have an awesome company with awesome employees. We love that we can make quality filters here in the USA and charge way less than name brand filters that ship them in from China. Thanks!

  5. Hello Discount Filters Team – I’m in the HVAC business (we’re small – just 4 of us!) – and I simply wanted to pass along a word of encouragement to let you know I appreciate your company and how you conduct business. Your website is easy to use, I love the education videos and but most of all I believe I’m dealing with a company that is built on good core values and beliefs.

    God bless,

    Ray Clifford
    Kowalski Heating & Air

    • Hi Ray, thanks so much for the kind words! We definitely have a great company with awesome employees. We’re trying to put out more educational videos to help our customers. Keep an eye out! Thanks!

  6. I’ve been a customer for several years, I even got my neighbor to purchase your filters. your prices are fantastic. thank you
    Mike Martucci

  7. My concern relates to the effectiveness of your filters. When I look at the GE filters, they have a lot of testing information that shows what is being removed…and this matters depending upon where you live. Unfortunately, it would appear that Discount Filters does not want to invest in product testing that would allow consumers to make a more informed choice.

    • Hi Gerry! Thanks for your concern and feedback. You are correct, our ClearChoice brand filters are specifically lower priced than the name brand because we haven’t paid for the certification. But I can tell you, that typically name brand filters like GE, ship their filters in from China or Taiwan, etc. Our ClearChoice filters are made in Indiana and have gone though a fair amount of testing to remove chlorine, taste and odor. In the future we hope to make a filter that is certified by NSF. It will still be made here in Indy, but certified. But of course the certification will cost customers a little more. Hope this helps, Thanks!

  8. your filters are the best, but we can only replace one filter at a time that lasts for 6 mos. Can’t reorder when you don’t need it. Constant request to reorder are annoying. I like the fact that you place a reminder to change filter when it is time. That is also the cue to reorder. not before. Thanks for listening

  9. at this point in time l do not need anything but when I do I buy from you and you are the best,whispered you well,pq

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