Which Way Does My Air Filter Go?

You need to change your air filter, but it’s been a while and you’re not sure where to start. Well, we’re glad you decided to refresh your memory. Clean air filters improve your indoor air quality and minimize the wear and tear on your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. When you insert your air filter the wrong way it won’t filter your home’s air very efficiently, which can lead to a variety of maintenance problems.  You can experience even worse problems if you don’t change your air filter at all.

1) Turn Off the Power to Your Furnace or Air Handler

Your air filter can collect a lot of dust, so it’s a good idea to always turn off the power to your furnace since you don’t want to suck up the dislodged dust into your unprotected HVAC system.

2) Locate the Air Filter You’re Replacing

In most instances, your filter is located near your furnace. If you need help locating your furnace filter or air conditioner filter, then click here. You may have a return air grille, air cleaner cabinet or media type filter. It all depends on your type of HVAC system.

3) Discard Your Old Filter After You’ve Found Its Location 

Be careful when you pull out your old air filter since it’s probably collected quite a bit of dust and other particles. If you’re worried about throwing you air filter away, then you might want to check out our washable filters.

4) Insert Your New Air Filter

Luckily, most filters are made so they won’t fit right unless they’re inserted in the correct direction. There should be airflow arrows printed on the side of the air filter to indicate what direction the filter should be inserted. When you insert your new filter, the arrow should point toward the furnace.

Air Flow

5) Turn the Power to Your Furnace Back On

Now that you’ve learned how to properly change your air filter and made sure it’s inserted correctly, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your clean, filtered air.

NOTE:  In case your filter doesn’t have an airflow arrow, there is typically a wire mesh on the downstream side of the filter. The purpose of this wire mesh is to give the filter the rigidity and strength it needs to capture particles. If your air filter doesn’t have an airflow arrow, then make sure the mesh is facing the blower of your HVAC system since this is the last surface the air touches.

For any other questions concerning your home’s air filter, talk to our customer service, comment down below, or visit the air filters section of the blog.

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  1. Regarding the comment: “When you insert your new filter, the arrow should point toward the furnace.”

    My vent is in the ceiling. Does that mean the arrow points down?

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