Which Filter Fits My Fridge? We got this, it’s super easy.

So you have a fridge with a water and ice dispenser. And you know you need to replace that filter about every 6 months or so to have the cleanest water possible with no yucky chlorine taste or smell. So you either go to home depot, try to find a salesmen which is nearly impossible if you’ve ever been to a home depot. Tell him/her what kind of fridge you have and see if they can figure out which filter you need.

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Or, you can go online and in a few easy steps find the fridge water filter you need but also at a much better price than at the big box stores. What’s even better, you can find your filter and have it automatically shipped to you every 6 months, so you never have to worry about searching for your filter again. Unless of course you buy a new fridge.

So here’s how it works. The best thing to do is take the filter out of your fridge. They’re not typically hard to find. It’s likely going to be in the upper corner inside the fridge, or maybe at the bottom outside the fridge. Even if there is no filter in your fridge now, just knowing where the location of the filter will help dramatically.

Step 1: Find fridge filter location.

Step 2: Go to our fridge filter finder online. This finder is super easy to use and will talk you through a few simple steps to find the filter that will fit your fridge.

Step 3: Go through the steps on the fridge filter finder. Here are a few screen shots just to give you a heads up:


filter_2 filter_3 filter_4

Step 4: Buy fridge filter.

Step 5: On your way to purchasing said fridge filter, select ‘auto delivery’ which will not only automatically ship you new filters when you need them, but will also lock in the price that you paid today, so if they increase in cost, you’ll still pay less.

Step 6: Filter arrives at your door step, remove filter from box, insert filter into fridge.

Okay so the last step had several steps but they’re pretty easy. We think you can handle it. If any of this is too difficult, you can simple take your existing filter out of your fridge, look at the number that’s on it, and type it into our search bar at the top of our fridge filter website, and hit enter.

Here are a few of our most popular filter styles just in case: ukf8001, adq36006101, mwf, w10295370, 4396841, 4396508, ukf7003, 4396701, da29-00020b, da29-00003g, 5231ja2006a, 5231ja2006b, 5231ja2002a and many, many more.

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