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When Is The Right Time To Change Your Furnace Filter?

The weather is cooling off and if you live in the northern part of the country, right around now you’re turning on your heating system for the first time in months. This seasonal shift is the perfect time to change your furnace filter. The type of HVAC system you have, the seasonal changes in your region, and whether you have pets all play a role in determining what type of filter you need and how often to change it. As a general rule, though, changing your furnace filter at the beginning of each heating season is a good idea. 

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When to Replace a Furnace Filter

How frequently you need to change a furnace filter depends on a number of factors. If someone in your household suffers from seasonal allergies, you will want to change your air return filter more often to make sure it is capturing the allergens and keeping the air in your home clean. Similarly, if you have work done in your home that stirs up dust or a repair that involves drywall, etc, you will want to change your filters. 

Of course, the beginning of a high-use season like fall is an essential time to change your heater filter for optimal air filtration and also HVAC efficiency. Fresh air return filters support the overall function of your home heating and cooling systems, to the degree that you can even see the results in your monthly utility bills. That’s right, timely replacement of your furnace filters can save you money! 

Why Replace a Furnace Filter?

There are many reasons to replace your furnace filter, including that it keeps air clean from pollutants and allergens and that it supports the heating and cooling system to run with greater efficiency. In the short term, it can save you money on your utility bills, and in the long term it contributes to a longer life for your HVAC—it’s a win/win situation. 

How to Replace a Furnace Filter

Replacing your furnace filter is typically an easy task that you can do yourself. Air return filter changes are simple and often very easy to locate. Often, there is a filter in the blower compartment of your furnace, or you may find it at the air return or concealed behind an air grill in your ceiling. Once you find your filter locations, the task of changing your furnace filters takes just minutes. FIlterlock Allergy Zone applied to furnace to save energy

More Ways to Save with Discount Filters

In addition to replacing your furnace filters routinely, use a FilterLOCK Furnace and Air Conditioning Filter Seal to prevent air leaks. The Department of Energy recommends covering and sealing your filter slots to prevent air leaks as well as preventing allergens, carbon monoxide, and other contaminants from bypassing the filter. Another product to consider is the PreVent Wrap-Around Air Conditioner Filter. Trap airborne debris before it enters your HVAC unit by attaching this wrap-around filter screen. 

Shop Discount Filters for your filter needs as well as any add-on products to support the longevity and efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Find the exact furnace filter that you need with our Filter Finder, where you search by dimension and brand or even create your own custom replacement filter. Here at Discount Filters, we are committed to providing you with the filters you need at a good price. We offer replacement filters for the major brands, while exceeding OEM specifications AND beating competitor prices. Trust Discount Filters to upgrade your air quality this season! 

When Is The Right Time To Change Your Furnace Filter?
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When Is The Right Time To Change Your Furnace Filter?
When is the right time to replace furnace filters? Learn all the essential information about when to replace a furnace air filter, why it's important and how to save money with Discount Filters
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