What you need to know about your 18×18 filter

An  air filter has more importance in the home than most people realize. Not only will regular air filter replacement extend the life of your HVAC system, but also affect the health of family members. Clog air filters can lead to serious problems that can be a major expense down the road.

Benefits of Changing an Air Filter

First and foremost, a new air filter ensures the health of family members. If you have children in the house or anyone who suffers from a medical issue, you’ll especially want to maintain the highest quality of air possible within the home. When you change an air filter, you’ll stop circulating dust and small particles throughout the air.

Since air quality is important, make it a point to review MERV ratings on the filter you choose. Each air filter will have a MERV rating with the higher rating removing the most types of particles. An air filter for allergy and asthma sufferers will have a MERV rating of 11. An air filter with a 13 MERV rating will provide total protection by removing dust mites, spores, pollen, smoke, and lint.

HVAC repair is costly—especially in emergency cases. If you’re not maintaining your furnace by changing the filter every one to three months, the system is more likely to malfunction. Clogged air filters can cause serious problems. For instance, reduced air flow may stop the air conditioner from working. As dirt clogs the unit, frost can build up on the fans and coils.

How to Change your AirX 18×18 Filter

AirX filters are easy to replace and will only take a few minutes of your time. Find the location of the air filter and slide out the old model. Install the new air filter by following the arrows on the unit to indicate the correct airflow direction. Discard the old filter in the proper disposal can.

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Air Pollution and Haze

It has always been our responsibility to take care of the planet. Unfortunately, the high levels of contaminants released into the air have impacted our quality of life. Instead of being able to take in breathtaking views, visibility has been threatened by the formation of haze.

The haze we see occurs when pollutants come into contact with sunlight. Since some of the light is absorbed by the particles, the landscape’s color and clarity are altered. The emissions in the air can come from both natural and man-made sources. Emissions can come from gas-powered vehicles, dust storms, and wildfires.

Visibility has been especially compromised in overpopulated areas of the country due to air pollution. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, average visibility range is 15 to 30 miles throughout the United States. This is approximately one-third of the visual range if haze wasn’t formed.

  • Reduce overall household energy usage
  • Use energy-saving appliances and bulbs
  • Carpool
  • Avoid idling in a vehicle
  • Practice proper car and boat engine maintenance
  • Avoid excessive open burning
  • Use manual or electric lawn care equipment
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