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What Sort of Water Filtration is Right for Me?


There are many different ways to improve the water quality in your home. You can filter the water on the micro level just as you use it, with a refrigerator filter, sink filter, or shower filter; or on a macro level as the water comes into your home, with a water softener or a whole home water filtration system. Choosing the right filtration option for your home depends on the type of water that comes into your home and what your preference is.

Point-of-Entry Filtration

There are two major types of macro-filtration – a water softening system and a whole-home water filtration system. A water softener is primarily used to remove minerals such as calcium carbonate, magnesium, and limescale. When present, these minerals leave your clothes and fabric feeling stiff and less clean, leave mineral deposits on your dishes in your dishwasher and in your shower, and reduce the sudsiness of soap, making it less effective. Installing a water softener in a hard water environment will help reduce wear and tear on your plumbing and appliances, give you cleaner laundry and dishes, and help eliminate the mineral deposits in your sink, tub, and shower. However, a water softener does not eliminate other impurities from the water, like the taste and smell of chlorine, the smell of sulfur in water, or bacteria, cysts, other sediment and turbidity.

The other major type of macro-filtration is a whole-home water filtration system. Depending on what’s in your water, you’ll need a filtration system that targets those specific impurities. It’s important to test your water and find out what’s in it to make sure that Filling glass of tap wateryou choose the correct filtration option for you and your family.

Point-of-Delivery Filtration

If a whole-home filtration isn’t right for you, there are a number of micro-filtration solutions that can provide higher-quality water right at the source. A refrigerator water filter fits into your fridge and provides you with cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water and ice. If your refrigerator doesn’t have a filter, you can use an inline filter to purify the water before it reaches your refrigerator, or you can use a water pitcher with a filter to provide you with pure water.

At the sink, you can put a filter on the faucet with a switch to provide clean, clear water when you need it, or install an under-the-counter water filter to purify water every time you use it. If you’re worried about the quality of water that you use to clean yourself, a shower-head water filter will give you clean, purified water to keep your skin and hair healthy and soft.

It’s important to test the water in your home and find out what sorts of impurities are in the water and decide if a whole-home water solution is right for you, or if you just want to filter your water at the point of delivery. Finding the right solution will protect your appliances and your family.

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