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What Filtrete Doesn’t Want You to Know

Our goal at DiscountFilters is for American homeowners to save money on their filtration products. Before DiscountFilters existed, most people had to go to retail stores to buy their refrigerator and air conditioner filters. Not only do stores carry a smaller selection (often forcing customers to visit multiple stores in search of their size), but they are dominated by one or two brands that charge exorbitant prices. One of these companies is Filtrete. You can find them in stores across the country, but does that make them a better option for your family? Our team broke down in this infographic what Filtrete doesn’t want you to know about their business…

(Click to Zoom In)what filtrete doesn't want you to know

You can find a PDF version here: What Filtrete Doesn’t Want You To Know

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14 thoughts on “What Filtrete Doesn’t Want You to Know”

  1. Thank you for the information. I like that your plant is in the U.S.A. It is hard to find American made products.

  2. I appreciate the information Discount Filters has made available to consumers. I have been exceptional pleased with the refrigerator filters I bought from the company and will continue buying them. Using the research information presented here, I will be able to find the best value in quality a/c pleated filters.

  3. Would like to see a better comparison of how Filtrete is made and your brand is made. Merv ratings help but do not explain what a detailed analysis would show to the consumer. Just showing dollar flow is interesting but not that important to the consumer. Much more effective to show your quality filter manufacturing versus what Filtrete makes and charges. Side by side comparison, this would have greater impact.

    • That’s a good suggestion! Sadly we don’t have much insight into the actual manufacturing conditions of Filtrete’s plants. However, considering they are often made in Mexico, we can assume that based on Mexico’s less strict manufacturing and quality rules and regulations, that Filtrete is doing whatever they can to cut corners and save money.

      • This sounds like somewhat of a lame excuse. Buy one of their filters, cut it open and compare what Is in the filter to yours. Do they or you use carbon as part of the filter technique. How thick is their filter compared to yours. Run both filters using the same water for six months, cut them open and see what they look like. You should be able to make comparisons of various factors. I believe their are ways to test the quality of water coming out of the filter. Do a six month of 12 month test and compare the water quality. If your filters prove out to be better that will help sell them. Just be honest with the results.
        P Schoessler

  4. I bought water filters from Amazon & they didn’t work so I kept searching then I thought I’d give you a try, so far so good!!!

    • Buy American who where possible. We all then share in savings. We all as o have a level of quality assured. Tom

  5. Love that you are an American company. I highly recommend your filters (water and air). One question : If we need to know what percent of the final price goes to whom in the Filtrete example, why didn’t we see how your final price is divvied up?
    Don’t really care, but fair is fair.

  6. I watched a video on YouTube titled “why I buy replicas” and it basically said the same thing. Thanks for the insight!!

  7. Great customer service. Excellent products. Very competitive prices. This is why I keep coming back.

  8. I would like to have the NSF Certified safety information Performance Data Sheet on the filters I purchased from Discount Filters. It was not included with my last purchase of CLCH106 filters.

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