Water Filter Replacement for Samsung DA29-00003G

We carry an extensive line of quality discount air filters and refrigerator water filters for home owners with no minimum order required. All of our products are backed by a 100% guarantee for up to one year. We also offer 100% free shipping and returns on all of our discount fridge filters.


Detailed Product Description

The DA29-00003G Samsung Aqua Pure Plus water filter is a reliable and high quality filter that is not only used in Samsung refrigerators, but also in Kenmore and other popular refrigerators.

We offer two models that are compatible with the Samsung DA29-00003G water filter. The first model is the OEM Samsung refrigerator water filter, and the second tier filters are the EcoAqua EFF-6011A and the ClearChoice CLCH103 which are identical to the Samsung filter but at a lesser cost.

We are pleased to let you know that these quality filters are guaranteed to be compatible. Both water filters are backed by a one year guarantee along with free shipping and returns on all orders without any hidden fees. As a suggestion, we highly recommend the ClearChoice model because of the lower price point and guaranteed compatibility.

Our customer commitment includes phones that are staffed by friendly industry experts in case you have questions or need help with your order. We also have a firm shipping policy. All orders are shipped on the same day they were ordered provided the order is placed before 2pm (EST).

The Benefits Of DA29-00003G Samsung Aqua Pure Plus 

The water that comes into your home is something that we can frequently take for granted. We also make a lot of assumptions about water quality without realizing that water can contain impurities such as lead and copper from domestic pipework. These impurities not only affect the taste of your water, they can also cause illness. Additionally, your water may contain cysts, chlorine, rust, and other particulates that affect the safety and flavor of the ice and the water you drink.

Water filters are extremely valuable and important for every member of the family especially babies, young children, adolescents, the sick, the elderly, allergy sufferers, and even your pets. Many vets stress the importance of filtered water for pets.

The reason for this high quality filtration need is that the threshold limit set by the government for these impurities in water is based on a healthy adult. There is simply no logical way to compare the water consumption needs of a 200 pound man compared to the requirements of a 20 pound baby. Environmental medical practitioners, environmental groups, and holistic medical groups have been stressing this for years.

The benefit of this filter is that it effectively uses activated carbon to remove these harmful contaminates, giving you healthier, better-tasting water and ice. You might be wondering how difficult the process is, but the DA29-00003G water filter is very easy to replace.

Check out the video below to see how to install the Samsung DA29-00003G filter:


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