The 5 Water Drinking Apps You Need to Try Today!

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Most people know that drinking water is important. In fact, water makes up most of the body. Whether someone is drinking filtered water, bottled water, or even tap water, water is an essential part of making sure that the human body stays functional. Water is important for carrying the necessary nutrients to the various organs in the human body. It is the key ingredient in regulating the temperature of the human body. Also, water is required to effectively remove waste products from the human body.

However, many people struggle to ingest enough water on a daily basis. To precisely calculate the amount of water required on a daily basis, multiply a person’s weight in pounds by 60%. This gives a rough estimate of how much water a person should drink everyday. One way to track how much water you have drank is by using a water drinking tracking app. So, what are some of the top water drinking apps on the market to track this information?


It has received numerous reviews and will quickly calculate a hydration target based on gender, exercise schedule, age, and weight. Also, this app will even set a daily target and provide real-time information on hydration status. This app is available for Apple products.

water drinkingWaterlogged:

This app is perfect for people who forget to drink enough water. This app allows people to set alarms and reminders at certain points of the day to take a break and drink some water. Furthermore, this app can be customized based on the type of water being consumed. This app is available on iTunes.

Daily Water:

Another app available on iTunes, this helps people both set water drinking goals and track their water consumption over the course of the day. It provides a detailed statistical analysis on a person’s water consumption as well. With reminders, people won’t forget the importance of water.


 A fantastic water drinking app for those with an Android device. This app is available for free on the Google Play marketplace and has received outstanding ratings. Also. it tracks water consumption and allows people to set a schedule that will keep anyone on track with their water consumption.

Hydro Coach:

This app is another Android app available on the Google Play store. This app calculates how much water should be consumed on a daily basis, has reminders for those who need them, and provides valuable health information on water consumption.

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Ultimately, retaining a proper hydration status is vital for the proper functioning of the body’s vital organs and cellular function. With so many options for tracking a person’s hydration status, it is easy for people to calculate and track their water consumption to make sure their body is functioning well.

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