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The Truth Behind Water Bottle Waste

Where do you get the water that you drink? Do you buy bottled water? It’s often assumed that buying bottled water is a good value because it’s relatively inexpensive, and is touted as healthier than tap water. Neither of these things is true. It’s actually more expensive to buy bottled water than to use the water coming right from your tap. Bottled water is also wasteful.

Average ProfitsThe Cost of Bottled Water

Selling bottled water is more profitable than selling oil. That’s why there are so many different kinds of bottled water at gas stations. If companies sell one 20-ounce bottle of water for a dollar, they make five cents per ounce. Five cents per ounce. Oil sells for around two to three cents per ounce depending on where you are in the world. It gets worse: in most places municipal water costs a penny or less per gallon.

Not Healthier Than Tap Water

In many cases, bottled water is just basically filtered tap water. And that means that you could do the same thing in your home for a fraction of the price. This article even suggests that somewhere between 25 and 40 percent of bottled water is just municipal water. And those “vitamin and protein added” waters? Those companies almost never add enough of the healthy stuff they tout into the water to make any kind of impact on your health.

Water Bottle Waste

Despite what you may have heard, most water bottles end up in the landfill instead of being recycled, and the amount of oil and other resources it takes to produce, ship, and dispose of plastic water bottles produces a large carbon footprint. Bottled water is just plain bad for the environment.

Bottle Waste

Filter Your Water

This all boils down to something simple: filter your water. You don’t have to drink it out of the tap, but drinking bottled water isn’t economical, healthy, or good for the environment. Filtered water, especially from the 5231JA2002A filter, however, is. You can buy filters that fit onto your sink’s tap, a pitcher that fits in your fridge, or an in-bottle filter that you can carry with you. When you filter water yourself, healthier and cheaper, and you’ll produce less waste.


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