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Water Bottle Bust

Water BottleIt didn’t take you long to decide bottled water is the absolute best choice for you and your family. After all, it’s the “cleanest” and “healthiest.” If you’re really cool, then your water is probably even “smart.” Unfortunately, your ideas about bottled water are wrong.

Why Water Bottles Are a Waste

  • The growing usage of plastic water bottles and the amount of waste that comes with it is a problem that’s growing around the world.
  • BBC reports, “Empty bottles, made of petroleum-based plastic, accumulate as non-biodegradable rubbish along city streets, in rivers, in parks, on beaches, and ultimately, they can end up in the ocean. Floating in the Pacific is the Eastern Garbage Patch, a large heap of trash twice the size of Texas, according to the Los Angeles Times. The vast majority of it is plastic.”
  • If tap water costs the same amount as the cheapest bottled water, then monthly water bills would cost $9,000. Ouch.
  • Each year, our landfills and litter chalk up $1B worth of plastic water bottles. Talk about a waste of money.
  • If you think gasoline prices are through the roof, then guess how much bottled water costs? $10 per gallon.
  • It takes 1.5M barrels of oil to make plastic bottles each year. With that same amount of oil 100,000 Americans could fuel their cars for a year.
  • Thirty billion plastic water bottles are thrown away every year. Since plastic takes thousands of years to disintegrate toxic waste is continuing to build in the Pacific Ocean.

The Truth About Water Bottles

Here’s the thing, top bottled water produces such as Aquafina (Pepsi) and Dasani (Coke) are practically stealing your money. Aquafina and Dasani account for 24% of all U.S. bottled water sales. However, all these companies do is treat their municipal tap water and resell it at a premium mark-up. You’re paying premium for what your refrigerator water filter can easily accomplish.

Do The Math:

Let’s just say your refrigerator filter from Discount Filters costs you $66.55 for a year’s supply (2 filters).  You can use this water for drinking, cooking or washing dishes.

On the other hand, if the average person purchases 167 bottles of water a year at the cost of $1.25, then it costs $208.75 a year for drinking water.

Additionally, a recent study reported the cost of bottled water is 7.5 times the cost of tap water.

Let’s Get Real:

A lot of people live under the assumption bottled water is healthier for them. However, this belief doesn’t hold up in reality. In fact, tap water is more regulated because it has to be under FDA rules. Some bottled water can actually be contaminated because it doesn’t have to be filtered and is often filtered superficially to improve taste and smell. In some instances the plastic used for bottled water can contaminate the water you intend on drinking.

Your best bet for your wallet and the environment is to use your tap water and purchase a refrigerator water filter for drinking water. The difference each person can make by ditching disposable water bottles goes beyond yearly savings and helps preserve the world’s water.

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  1. post has been excellent and i have referred it to many of my friends. my honour for the work that you have done. thank you once again.

  2. all the while we are being charged for the water that we use from these manciipulities-Bottled water is not tested,(so none of know what is in the water after they take it away from the local source.) Local water sources are constantly tested. (but we have been made to believe that local tap water is not good??) So if you are traveling, purchase your own personal water bottle and fill it up as you go. After you go through airport security go fill up your own personal bottle for the plane ride.Why should these companies be making a profit off of something that they don’t pay for and it is depleting our water tables and destroying our marine life-It’s like someone coming into your home and taking your stuff, then turning around and selling it and making a profit…Is there anything right about that? Is there any amount of profit that is acceptable?Just give me a little time and I will be blogging about pop and sugary drinks!!Thanks for writing-Jan

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