Know Your Fridge Filter: W10295370A

The W10295370A water filter is a high-quality alternative discount water filter. Water filters can help improve the quality of water produced by your refrigerator. Tap water can contain thousands of harmful chemicals that can cause your family to fall ill. With the W10295370A water filter, your household will now be able to enjoy clean, refreshing drinking water from your home’s refrigerator. The W10295370A filter works in all types of refrigerator models, including Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, Maytag, Kitchenaid and more.

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How Water Filters Work

The process of cleansing water is rather simplistic when you consider how these filters are built. The W10295370A water filtration system uses activated carbon to remove unwanted particles and components from the water pulled from the home’s water source. Activated carbon is quite different, in that it is very porous and uses a process called adsorption. Adsorption is a different process than absorption. Adsorption allows for gas, dissolved solids, and liquids to better hold onto the surface of the carbon, allowing the clean water to pass through and holding onto the remaining particles.

The W10295370A discount filter allows water to enter into the carbon chamber as it is drawn from the refrigerator, which contains activated carbon. That carbon helps to attract all of the undesirable particles present in the water stream, such as bacteria, mold, lead, cysts, chlorine, and asbestos. After the adsorption process, water that comes through the filter and out of the refrigerator is clean, crystal clear, and refreshing.

Replacing the Refrigerator Filters

Refrigerator water filters need to be changed one time every six months or more often depending on the amount of use. The process for doing this for W10295370A filters involves one of two methods. The first step is to locate the filter system and housing unit. This is located in the upper portion of the interior refrigerator in most models.

  • If you have a push tab style filter, you will find a tab located just under the filter housing. To access it, push the tab inward. It will release the latch for you. Then, turn the latch in a counterclockwise motion with also pulling it just slightly. Then, pull the filter straight out. You’ll add the new one in the reverse order.
  • If you have a pull tab, you’ll find it located recessed under the cover of the housing unit. Find it, pull the tab forward to release the latch and then turn the filter while pulling it to remove. Replace it in the reverse process.

Once replaced, flush about 2 gallons of water through the filter before drinking from it. You can find discount fridge filters including the W10295370A refrigerator water filter from us. You’ll also find we offer affordable rates and provide you with free shipping and returns. There is no minimum order required.

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