Know Your Fridge Filter: W10295370

The W10295370 water filter removes impurities from your water supply, so your entire family can enjoy clean, healthy, great tasting water. The W10295370 filter is a high quality filter suitable for several different brands and models of refrigerators. Tap water can contain over two thousand types of toxic chemicals. The most common chemical found in tap water is chlorine. Although chemicals are necessary for public drinking water sources they do come with numerous potential health risk if drank for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, water filtration systems play a vital role in health of everyone living in your home. The W10295370 refrigerator water filter is a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), which means the filter was made by one company here Whirlpool, but it is also compatible with Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, and Amana side-by-side refrigerators.

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Water Filtration Process

The W10295370 discount water filter uses an activated carbon, which is a type of filtration that removes impurities and contaminants such as rust, cysts, dirt, antibiotics, chlorine, lead and other contaminants you do not want your family drinking, from your water using the process of chemical absorption. The water follow through the activated carbon and all the pollutants and chemicals are removed before the water is dispensed for drinking or cooking.

How to Install the Water Filter

Installing or replacing your W10295370 refrigerator water filter is fairly simple and quick.

1. Find the water filter door on the right side of your refrigerators ceiling.

2. Press the tab on the housing unit’s door to release the latch.

3. For the preliminary installation of the filter, take out the blue bypass cap save for later use.

4. Remove the seal label and place the filter in the head.

5. Carefully turn the filter clockwise until it stops.

6. The filter’s housing unit door will start to close once the filter is in place just make sure the door is securely closed and latched.

7. You can reduce overflow and water spurts by flushing the air out of the system, by running the water for about five minutes. The water should then be a steady stream.

8. If you have poor water quality you may need to do additional flushing when you first install/replace the filter. You may also need to replace the filter sooner than the recommended 200 gallons or six months.

Replacing the Water Filter

  1. Open the housing unit door, by pressing the tab.

2. Gently turn the filter counterclockwise until it becomes loose and remove from the filter head.

3. Follow the initial installation instructions to replace the filter.

In order to maintain clean, clear, healthy delicious water and ice be sure to change the W10295370 refrigerator water filter after every 200 gallons or every six months. If you let it go longer than that the filter will not work as well or will not work at all, leaving you with the same contaminated water you get from your faucet. 

The W10295370 refrigerator water filter is a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), which means the filter was made by  Whirlpool, but is also compatible with Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air and Amana side-by-side refrigerators. 

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