Know Your Fridge Filter: W10217316

The W10217316 water filter gets rid of water contamination from the source. The W10217316 is a superior brand of water filter for keeping your water healthy, clean and safe for consumption. It is appropriate for a number of products and replica of a fridge. Tap water harbors more than two thousand chemicals, of which chlorine tops the list. Despite the fact that chemicals are necessary iniquity for public water treatment at the sources, they harbor a number of health hazard when used for protracted time. Thus demands for water filtration. Water filtration has come to be part of our safe way of ensuring a healthy living for everyone in our homes. The water filter W10217316 of the refrigerator is an Original Whirlpool production, however, it is well-suited for Amana side-by-side refrigerators, Jenn-Air and KitchenAid.

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The Process of Water Filtration

The W10217316 discount water filter operates by use of stimulated or activated carbon. How? The W10217316 uses scientifically researched and approved engineered filtration procedure. The water filter makes use of a stimulated carbon which contaminates and removes toxic waste through chemical absorption for toxic waste such as dirt, chlorine and other contaminants in water. The activated carbon is an exceptionally porous carbon that utilizes adsorption technique. This technique ensures adherence of liquid, gas and other dissolved solid to the surface. All this happens when the water enters the filtration chamber from the refrigerator line. This also before the water is dispensed for either drinking or cooking.

Water Filter Installation Procedure

  1. On the right hand side of your refrigerators ceiling, establish the water filter door.
  2. On the housing unit’s door, press the tab to release the latch
  3. Before installing the filter, remove the blue bypass cap and save it for future use.
  4. Unpack the seal label and place the filter in the head
  5. Cautiously turn the filter clockwise until it stops.
  6. Once the filter is in position, the housing unit door shall close (Please, ensure it closed securely and latched)
  7. Run the water for approximately four to five minutes to eliminate water overflow and spurts (this is flushing the air out of the system).
  8. Please note, if the water in use is of poor quality, it is recommended for you to do more flushing when installing or replacing the filter.

 Water Filter Replacement Procedure

  1. Press the tab to open the housing unit door
  2. Loosen the filter by turning it anticlockwise and then remove the filter head
  3. Observe the above installation process to substitute the filter.


Replacements of the refrigerator water filter, W10217316, should be done after every 200 gallons or six months of consumption use. This is to uphold dirt free, safe, affordable, healthy and nourishing water and ice cubes. Caution, if no replacement is done, you will be consuming contaminated water from the water valve

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