Uses for Your Flushed Water

Uses for Your Flushed WaterIt is important that each time you replace your refrigerator filter that you flush your filter so that it can begin to properly keep out all of the unwanted particles from your drinking water. Flushing your water means that the first two gallons or first two trays of ice from your new filter go are discarded or flushed before use. This process prepares the filter and assures that it is working properly for your home. If you want to learn more about why this process is so important, read How to Flush Your Fridge Filter. This process leads to the next question. What can we do with this flushed, unfiltered water besides just throw it down the drain? Just because it is not up to our drinking standards does not mean that we can’t put it to use for us in another way that would keep it from being waste. We’ve come up with some ideas and things that we re-purpose the flushed water for so that we can get the most from our water usage.

What to do with the flushed water:

  • Water the plants around your home and lawn

    • Two gallons can go pretty quickly water plants depending on the type and amount of plants that you have but they will surely enjoy any water they can to continue living. It’s also a good idea to use your first tray of ice that needs to be disposed of as an easy water agent. Sit a few ice cubes at the base of the plant and as the ice melts the water will be easily absorbed through its roots to avoid over watering.

  • Cleaning

    • This water is perfect for cleaning your floors. Add your favorite floor cleaning supply to the flushed water and use it to clean your floors without using any more water than necessary out of your home. It can also be good for cleaning your windows, just dilute your favorite window cleaning spray and grab a rag for clean dust free windows.

  • Coolers

    • If you’re planning on traveling, tailgating, or just want to keep some beverages cold for an outing, use the recycled ice and water for your cooler. The ice or water is never actually ingested through this and you can easily recycle the flushed water and ice for a different purpose.

These are just a few ways that you can recycle and re-purpose your unfiltered flushed water from your new water filter. By finding and using new creative ideas for this water you are not only keeping it from being wasted but also saving money by using all the water that you pay for in your home while you enjoy clean water from your new refrigerator filter.

We’d love to know what creative ways you use your flushed water for! Leave us a comment below!

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