UNICEF Tap Project

UNICEF Tap ProjectHave you ever wished there was some way that you could support a charity that you feel strongly about by doing something so simply as not touching your phone? Well, with UNICEF’s Tap Project now you can. For every 5 minutes you go without your phone one day of clean water is donated to people in need. The donations work not only to provide people in need with water but also to build long lasting infrastructure to assure access to safe water and sanitation facilities in the communities. By assuring that these needs are being taken care of UNICEF and their sponsors are supporting and helping to maintain hygiene and health standards and also encouraging education because of maintained health and hygiene.

You may ask how does putting your phone down for any number of time help children and people in need well the answer is simple. Many people go without access to clean water every day. Water is a necessity to all living things and in many situations they do not have the access they need to encourage and promote healthy living. Where in most of the modern western world where we have easy and readily available access to water we begin to look at other things as necessity, like our smart phones. UNICEF is helping us to imagine what it would be like to go without something that has an even bigger impact on us than our phones, water. Showing that in a world where many people get caught up in the next big thing or what your favorite blogger just posted today that there are people who can’t even imagine what it would be like to have water security in their lives.

This is a fun way to get involved and is something that everyone can take 5, 10, 15, even 30 minutes or an hour to support just by going to the website on your phone tap.unicefusa.org and putting your phone down. The first time that I participated in this program I turned it on before I started a fitness class where I knew that my phone was going to not be in use anyway. It was easy, it wasn’t much that I did but it did make me what to look at more ways that I can get involved to help and support people who don’t have access to running water in the world. I highly recommend you try it, even if it is just for 5 minutes. Remember how important it is to have clean safe water in your home and check out the huge supply of discount filters like the UKF8001.

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