The Unfiltered Truth: Dual-Layer Media Filters



What separates the dual-layered media filters from the competition? These filters are specifically designed to capture dust particles efficiently, and provide better airflow to HVAC systems.  With 25% more pleats than other filters, the inverted surface area provides a better dust-capturing environment to prevent airborne pathogens from passing through.  Composed of two separate filters, the dual-layer media filter consists of a coarse blue layer fit for catching larger particles such as pet dander and pollen, and a fine white layer for smaller pathogens like bacteria and dust mite debris.  The coarse blue layer acts as an outer protection to the finer white layer to make the filter last longer, as well as more efficiently.  Put together into one filter, the dual layers help reduce the energy costs of your system along with providing even heating and cooling.

Dual-layer media filters work exceptionally well in high dust environments.  If you have multiple children or pets, these filters will help regulate air flow and keep your household air clean and fresh.

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